Mont St Michel Wedding Plan

Anything related to the classical style is now starting to reappear. Wedding is one of the examples. If you are looking for a unique classical wedding ceremony, you can make a mont st Michel wedding plan. Nowadays wedding is not only held in a ballroom or indoor. But it is more creative, it also can be in outdoor or unique places. Mont St Michel is a best place for you to try. It is  located in a beautiful bay between Normandy and Brittany. There is a Christian pilgrimage on its mountain which compatible for you in realizing a sacred ceremony.

You will see the great combination of monastic buildings and the holy church. It will give you a mesmerizing wedding ceremony. You also can look arround at the areas  from the top of Abbey. Exploring mont st Michel will never bored you. There are some beautiful places that are good to explore.

When to Visit?

Before you are going to visit this mont st Michel, you have to know when is the most suitable time for you in arranging your wedding. Make sure first that you come to this place in right season. Because of the location of  Mont st Michel, there will be a time where the tides rise. During spring time, the tides arise about 15 kilometers from the coast.

You can observe the tides in every areas arround mont st Michel from the top of Abbey or the new bridge in front of the mountain. But the bridge will be disappered during the higest tides. You can wait if for about an hour to cross the areas. Always follow the instruction or experienced guide in the areas. Be careful for the tides. You can ask your guide or tides table in the areas. Keeping yourself safety is the most important.

Where to Stay?

You do not have to worry about where is the place to stay in mont st Michel. It is because there are many hotels that you can find. Choose one hotel which suits your budget and  members of the family who come with you. There are many choices for the hotel and food services. If you are still confused about the hotel, you can use travel apllication to find your suitable hotel. You can read the the quality of the hotel from the reviews and the rating. Do not be hesitated to visit, mont st michel will serve you well.

Transportation to Choose

After planning about the time and the hotel, you can choose which transportation you want. Ther are some choices for you to explore the areas in mont st Michel. You can utilize public transportation or car. You can try to use car for the easiest way to visit mont st Michel. But there will be a long queque to enter the car park. The car charging is also expensive.

But do not have to worry, there are free shuttle buses from the mountain. Make sure that you pay at the ticket machine before you back again to your car. You also can use train from Pontorson and continue the journey by bus. TGV from Gare Montparnasse to Rennes is the best choice for you. But if you come from Paris, you can use plane to fly to Rennes airport. Choose the best transportation for your special moment in mont st Michel.