Most Instagrammed Cities


Nowadays, it is very common to post pictures of our lifestyles on social media platforms, mainly on Instagram. In fact, as per Instagram’s collected data, the most posted pictures are that of travels and the famous hashtag is #travel! This shows people’s love for particular places, which might inspire others to visit as well. So, planning to travel soon? Let’s see the most Instagrammed cities from around the world.

New York, New York

For few years now, New York City has been the highlight on Instagram. The boroughs, like Manhattan and Times Squares are the most Instagrammed locations in the world! Manhattan stole the first place while Times Square and Central Park win the second and third place, respectively. The Brooklyn Bridge as well often pops on Instagram accounts, being the eighth most Instagrammed location. Other places like museums, especially MOMA and Met, are also part of the list.

Moscow, Russia

And in the second place we have. . . Moscow! The distinctive architecture of this city and the colourful buildings have made the backdrop of many Instagram photos. One of the most loved location, which has been seen in the pictures, is Red Square. This vast rectangular stretch, made with cobblestones, is an imposing sight. St. Basil Cathedral is also seen in many pictures, and it is mainly because of the pretty colours, it is made of. Already want to see a plethora of colours? Get a glimpse of the prettiest colour trends at Kitty Bingo. By playing the bingo and slots games available on this top bingo site, you are sure to dwell into a world where colours are unlimited!

London, United Kingdom

Like we all expected, London is part of this list as it is a wonderful city which has many things to show. London’s art galleries, museums and historical sites have caught the eye of many travellers, and they have captivated these memories, and shared it with their friends. The most common locations are Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum and British Museum. These made the top 10-list of the most Instagrammed museums as well.

São Paulo, Brazil

In terms of skyscrapers and architectures, São Paulo is a monster land. Massive, intimidating and beautiful, it is hard not to capture wonderful pictures there. Besides, there are locations in this city which shows rural and urban beauty at the same time- the under path of rail tracks and the enormous buildings. Snapping pictures in São Paulo is a melting pot of beauty.

Paris, France

With wonderful locations like Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, Paris is definitely one of the most Instagrammed places! Travellers simply cannot leave Paris without snapping pictures of the scenic walkway along the seine, and of course, a kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower. Besides, some pictures which stoles hearts, are indeed the ones from the top of the Eiffel Tower! It shows the whole city of Paris- buildings, greeneries and calmness.

Want to make your Instagram account a sensational one? You should probably take the next flight and travel to these wonderlands!