Three Beautiful Islands To Consider For Your Honeymoon


When you have a wonderful wedding day, there is no better way to top the experience than to have an amazing honeymoon. Whether you’re waiting a day or a year until you depart with your wedded partner, there are some truly beautiful places you could consider for your trip. You’ll be looking for sunshine, places to relax, attractions to explore, and plenty of restaurants to sit down to a romantic meal at sunset. Luckily there are some brilliant candidates for these requirements… Here are just a few recommendations which you might want to look into further:

Rarotonga, Cook Islands

This is the most populous of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific, but it is much better known for the white sandy beaches fringed by shady palm trees. Honeymooners could enjoy everything from hikes to the flat-top mountain, to snorkelling and scuba diving. There are lots of affordable resorts will be able to look after you from the instant you arrive until you depart; they’ll help you to find the right excursions for you as a couple, whilst also providing a relaxing base for your stay. This is a very chilled out option which would be ideal if you wanted that sort of vibe from your honeymoon.

Sardinia, Italy

If you want a taste of rustic Italy, look no further than Sardinia. Sardinia is one of the most famous European honeymoon spots. In the south you’ll find beautiful landscapes and many rural escapes. The north is home to some very exclusive hotels and resorts as this is where the stars like to hang out. Yet wherever you stay you will not be disappointed with the scenery and food on offer. Wood stove cooked pizzas and local beers can be just as romantic as any three course meal in a swanky restaurant. For an enjoyable excursion, book yourself and your partner onto a private yacht where you’ll be treated to champagne and a bit of peace.

Antigua, Caribbean

Beach lovers can rejoice when they arrive in Antigua, so you might want to head here on your honeymoon. There is literally a beach for each and every day of the year, meaning that there are 365 to choose from during your stay. Galley Bay is known as a surfer’s paradise, but loved up honeymooners might prefer Rendezvous Bay on the southern coast which is largely untouched by tourism so is a lot quieter. At night-time you can look forward to calypso, steel and reggae music being played live by locals who are out to party.

If any of these locations has taken your fancy, you’ll be able to find out more by visiting the website for that island’s tourism office. It’s worth speaking to resorts and travel agents to find out about any special deals or offers you can take up as honeymooners. Common additions include champagne, romantic boutique hotels, a room upgrade or a free romantic meal so it is worth asking the question!