Top Puri Attractions You Shouldn’t Give a Miss

If we look at the eastern part of India, Puri seems to be one of the most visited destinations. Not only Hindu pilgrims but even foreign travellers and the Bengali holidaymakers flock to Puri in large numbers. The land is home to Lord Jagannathan and constitutes one of the four major celebrates Hindu pilgrimage sites or dhams. It is also one of the seven places which are considered the holiest by Hindus. Without a visit to Puri, it is considered that your pilgrimage to temples is incomplete. Yet, the popularity of this city is not just due to the temples and its cultural heritage, but also due to its golden beaches. With its shores being washed by the Bay of Bengal, Puri is considered a beach resort by a number of people. Indeed, it is this that makes Puri a sought – after tourist destination – its religious sanctity combined with the seascape beauty and unrivalled architectural splendour!

If you are travelling to Puri, you must check out the Puri hotels list to pick one that fits your budget and, why not check out this list of the top 5 tourist places to visit in this religious land!?

Jagannathan Temple