How to Fight Flight Sickness the Right Way

Flight sickness or motion sickness is one of the common issues with air travellers. Mostly they fall prey to the ailment while on a flight.

Be it the most comfortable flight from air carriers such as Vistara, Indigo, or Air India; flying sickness will prevail. It mostly happens as your body constantly tries to adjust to the incompatible signals associated with flying in the aircraft. You should know that here, in this case, the eyes adjust to a still condition and convey that message to the brain. On the other hand, the inner portion of the ears feels the genuine movement and therefore, it stirs a dilemma for the air travellers.

If you too are looking to tackle flight sickness, then these tips will help:

  1. Get everything set from beforehand

The first thing is to make sure to reach the airport well ahead of time by comfortable flight from air carriers such as Vistara. Next, you need to be mindful of the essentials that you carry. You must double check the items, both in yours and your children’s bag. Just be careful that you don’t overload them with unnecessary materials which might hold you up on the security check. Once done, now it is time to check your seating arrangement. Just be careful that you don’t book any seat in and around the engine or toilet area.

  1. Adjust yourself to the landing and take-off

For your information, the flight pressure increases during the flight landing and reduces during take-off. According to the say of a prolific yoga instructor, you should practice Valsalva Maneuver. This will arm you against the minor headaches or concentration problem. As per the doctors, you need to stay active and mentally armed.

  1. Be attentive to the food intake

A known fact, the oxygen and pressure level actually fluctuate as you board on a flight. To adjust to that, make sure that you gorge on the carbohydrate-rich diet. Along with that, stay hydrated with electrolyte water or simple lemon water. Be heedful to the fact that overeating, or having high acidic or fatty or dairy foods may cause issues. In fact, avoid oily food, six to eight hours before taking off. You should try to include fruits and vegetables to the staple.

  1. In-flight precaution

Make sure that you book your seat in the central area. While flying, you must have salt-based snacks at an interval of every two hours. For nausea, you can simply take a minute nap by pushing the seats in the back. In the meantime, do not forget to sip any soda water or have peppermint. For voracious readers, take-off and landing are not the actual times to flip through pages. Aside all these, you should cut off any gas forming foods while you are on the flight. Try not to have fruits like bananas, apples, watermelons grapes, etc. You must discard the vegetables like onions, cucumber, soya beans, radishes, etc.

  1. Avoid leg stiffness

Sitting for long hours will stiffen your legs and therefore, do get up at intervals and stretch your legs. Walk in and around the area. You can even try some shoulder exercise as well.

With these handy tips, you can be assured to have a comfortable flight experience and fight flight sickness the right way.