Luggage Shipping- Perfect Way to Travel!

What is the number one inconvenience travelers have around the world? Dealing with their luggage at the airport! The mindset of knowing you have to pack is not easy or fun anyways and many people do it at the last minute for this reason. Then you get to the airport and there are baggage fees you must pay to check in your luggage and it may be more than what you expected. There are luggage shipping companies that will take care of the hard work for you. From your doorstep to your destination, you can rely on your luggage being sent to your destination in a safe and timely manner without the hassle of carrying it with you.

Deliveries to your hotel, international destination or cruise ship is no longer an issue. With this amazing way of making sure your personal items get to you, is one less worry you must deal with while traveling. The travel agent or website booking site will ship your items according to your schedule, provide a guaranteed on-time system and provide 24-hour assistance should you need anything. The very first company to revolutionize the industry for shipping your luggage is Virtual Bellhop. Since 1997, they have accommodated thousands of travelers needing help in making sure their items get sent to their destination with no problems. You do not have to fill out unnecessary forms, carry your items or weigh anything. Everything is handled for you from start to finish from the moment you book your appointment!

Sure, anyone can go to the Post Office, UPS or FedEx to ship their items because that’s something they do every day as a part of their business. But that means you will have to haul all your items into the store, find a proper package or box, etc. This process alone makes my head hurt and it is just way too much to deal with! In 2015, the United States airlines made $3 billion dollars in checked luggage. Can you believe that? That is a lot of money to have your items travel with you. For a family of 4 that can be devastating but it’s a hassle to haul all those bags, per person, from home, to the vehicle, to the airport, to the hotel, and the opposite way when you return. Whew, what a way of getting everything to one place!

If you know you will be checking in more than two bags which are oversized and heavy, you need to search for a great shipping company that will have your luggage sent to you by the time you arrive. It is too much of an inconvenience to have bulky luggage traveling with you, hauling it back and forth, especially when you all you want to have some R&R, handle business for work or spend time with your family. This concept is leading the way on how people travel from now on with their luggage.